LUX - orthopedic insoles

Medical Black

Správná volba pro zdravou nohu. Reflexní ortopedické vložky do bot z jemné ovčí kůže.



Orthopedic insoles from softly perforated sheepskin. Latex foam with active coal perfectly absorbs sweat and eliminates unpleasant odour.



Orthopedic insoles for walking and sport footwear. Soft leather is lined in all its lenght to an anatomically shaped carbosan pressing.


Soft Gel

A luxury orthopedic insoles. Combination of soft sheepskin and latex foam with content of active coal is fixed on a plastic pressing which ensures health backing of a longitudal arch.


Lady comfort

Lady anatomically shaped insole with anti odour effect which softens bumps.



Specially shaped insole, dedicated for lady footwear. Insole relieves weariness and modifies foot load.



Shaped insole, for each type of footwear.It supplies  the feeling of soft and comfort.



Perforated, anatomically shaped insole from polyester which keeps the correct shape of foot.



A luxurious insole designed for ladies and gens footwear providing for comfort at walking.



3/4 orthopedic insole  from perforated soft sheepskin which prevents foot and its effects are seen in arch part.


Beautiful and healthy feet requires special care.

Feet arch decrease

is provided by a leg and muscles architectonic. A leg while standing should lean against a backing at the back by a tuberosity heel bone, foot edges on sides and in front by metatarsalia bones. A healthy foot has got two arches- one is longitudal, the other is vertical. Using of orthopaedic insoles corrects and modifies consequences of factors that create a flatfoot, its unique solution prevents or modifies decline in creation of lower plantar arch and it prevents creation of a higher pressure on foot. Orthopaedic insoles Moneta Lux help to keep feet inthe correct position, soften bumps and provide feet with protection andcomfort.

Using of orthopedic Moneta insoles:

  • Enhances comfort of energetic and flexible walking
  • Prevents origin of aflat foot
  • Reduces painful load of legs at walking or long-termload at standing
  • Eliminates harmful consequences of wrong and cheap footwear and its accompanying features such as foul odour and feet perspiration
  • Creates conditions for the correct creation of plantararch for small children and teenagers