SPORT - stielky do športovej obuvi


Anatomicky tvarovaná stélka je vhodná zejména do sportovní a vycházkové obuvi.



Airy insole with aromatized effect, antibacterial, designated for heavy sport footwear, especially in summer days.



Anatomic shaped insole for dynamic movement especially for sport footwear.



A perforated anatomic shaped insole for sport footwear and for dynamic movement, effectively force against endurance of legs.


Sport Style

The insole for all year, made from 100% cotton, eliminates the bad smell and unpleasant odour and feeling of comfort whether running or walking.


Active gel

Whole-gel cutting insole with active gel  which absirbs the shocks and reduces the tiredness and avoids feet tingling also in case of intensively strained feet.


Super gel

Anatomically shaped insole, with their design supports the feet and effectively conduce to all comfort by walking or running.


When you do sports, so with a smile

Do you want to enjoy the pleasure of beautiful nature,activate head, clean mind and get great fitness? Choose appropriate footwear. Not only the shoes are important, but also itsinterior fittings. Removable in-soles respectively. inserts are perhaps an integral part of the sports shoes, because most of the day (hiking) to watch and putting pressure on the feet. If you want to decides to underestimate. Footwear and related use insoles to protect yourfeet. Usually we go to hard surfaces and therefore must keep feet secure.

Sport insoles are anatomically shaped and are not just for sports, but also for leisure. They are made of natural materials with excellent aromatic properties. Positively contribute to the overall comfort in anyactivity, whether walking or running. Sport insoles absorb sweat very well and efficiently absorb unpleasant odors. It is well known fact that the more who play sports, be healthier and feel more fit than those who sports. Intensive movement enhances the overall mood. With insoles Moneta overcome of each obstacle.