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Airy insole with aromatized effect, antibacterial, designated for heavy sport footwear, especially in summer days.

This high quality insole is suitable for all kinds of shoes, either for walking or sports ones. It include lots of qualities. It is shaped so that it perfectly accommodates to a foot. It also helps to keep feet in the correct position. It has got two layers-antibacterial fabric and polyurethan foam. The quality of the insole is so efficient that it maximally absorbs sweat, eliminates creation of bacteria and except that it is flavoured, it has got pleasant, fresh flavour with content of aloe vera. The shape of the insole at the heel absorbs shocks and it decreases overall load.

1 - PES Textile
2 - Latex foam with active coal
3 - Aromatic latex foam

SIZE: 35 - 47
ARTICLE: 951010
EAN: 858 600 503 0300


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