POLAR - winter insoles


Warm aromatic insole from 100% wool for middle low temperatures, designated for winter period.


Ovčia vlna

Soft lined insole is made of 100% lamb's wool for medium low temperatures, very pleasant to the touch.



A warm insole is composed of 2 felt layers and affords a special resistibility and warm protection against low temperature and huminidy during the cold days when wearing daylong.


Thermo Alu

Extra warm insole with the aluminium foil protection against penetration of ground cold.



Insole from warm flannel which safeguards high absorption and excellent absorbs sweat, made for cold days,



Warm insole from felt for heavy duty shoes, suitable for street, work an sport shoes.



A combination of flannelette, latex foam with the hygienic protection  Sanitized ® and latex foam containing activated carbon affords feet high comfort.



Combination of 100% many layers shear wool and aromatized latex foam prevents unpleasant odour and provides warm and comfort during the cold days.


2 v 1 winter

Set includes two pairs of insoles designed for winter and hiking shoes.


Coming winter brings not only winter fun, but also a series of unpleasant events and therefore indulge your feet warm and dry in the winter insoles from Moneta. 

Between pleasure belong wet shoes from snow or all-daywear closed shoes. In the shoes start steamy environment, which leads to odor, mold and bad feelings feet.
Therefore, let your mercy winter feet. Effective foot care does not require much time or ambition,just frequency. If you need warm feet quickly insert into the shoeinsole Polar. Low temperature in winter often results in cold feet. One ofthe love of Moneta, the use of polar insole with good thermal properties, whichare made from high quality wool.

It not only helps keep feet warm, but also standout thanks to the aromatic effect, blocking odor. Removable in-soles respectively. Polar towels are soft, hygienic, well sweat absorbing and ensure comfort for yourfeet.  Good quality winter boots is certainly an investment that is worth and would not save, cold feet  know much, so avoiding these inconveniences - Take care of the feet throughout the year.