Article 1 General

These Business Conditions govern the discretions and duties of MONETA s.r.o., Nitrianska cesta 6,95801 Partizánske, Slovak Republic, ID: 36735248, Tax ID: 20223326093, VAT:SK20223326093, recorded in the Commercial Register at the District CourtTrenčín, Section: Sro, Insert No.: 19203/R

(hereinafter “Seller¨) and the Buyer (hereinafter “Buyer¨) for thepurchase of products offered by Seller through e-shop on the Seller’s website www.moneta.sk (hereinafter “moneta.sk¨), andthey constitute an inseparable part of Purchase Contract made between Buyer andSeller remotely through e-shop on the Internet (hereinafter “PurchaseContract¨).
(Seller and Buyer are hereinaftercollectively referred to as “Contracting Parties¨).

These Business Conditions are applicable in the Slovak Republic for the purchase of products ordered via e-shop on the website moneta.sk. The Business Conditions come into force by the date of posting onmoneta.sk.  All relationships between Buyer and Seller that are not stipulated by these Business Conditions are governed by relevant provisions of the Act No. 513/1991 Coll.

Buyer is a natural person registered in the system, or a legal person ordering products electronically
using the e-shop on the website moneta.sk

Electronic Order is a submitted electronic form processed by the e-shopsystem, containing information about Buyer, list of the ordered products fromthe e-shop offer on the website moneta.sk, and total price for the products. 

Products are all products listed in the valid price list of the Seller on the website moneta.sk

The Buyer’s registration process, electronic order of products and
payment for products orderedelectronically, as well as processing
the Buyer’s personal information isprotected and secured. 

Article 2 Order

The validity of electronic order is preconditioned by truthful and complete filling out all registration forms.

Selleris not responsible for delay in delivery and/or for damage incurred as a resultof Buyer’s failure to submit all required data and/or filling out the registration form incorrectly when registering.

Also,Seller is not responsible for damage incurred to Buyer as a result of that Buyer has forgotten his/her password and/or the Buyer’s password was revealed to unauthorized person without Seller’s contribution

Accepted electronic order is considered Draft Purchase Contract and isbinding.

Seller is obliged to confirm via e-mail message (to the Buyer’s e-mail address specified in the electronic order) the content of the Buyer’selectronic order immediately upon its delivery to Seller; otherwise the Purchase Contract between Contracting Parties has not been made.

Buyer is obliged to check the content of the electronic order specifiedin the e-mail message by Seller.

If any irregularities in the content of the electronic order confirmedby Seller are found, Buyer is obliged to notify the Seller via e-mail message sent to the e-mail address moneta@moneta.sk.

a. Identification of the Buyer, i.e. business name or first and last name, registered office/place of residence, ID, Tax ID,contacts (telephone and e-mail);

b. Article of the ordered products according to the catalogue, and possibly its description;

c. Quantity of the ordered products;

d. Delivery address for the products (if this information is not included, it is deemed that the products are to be delivered to the Buyer’s registered office/permanent address);

Unless the order includes all essentials according to the above article,it is deemed incomplete.

In such event, Seller will try to contact the Buyer and invite him/herto fix the short comings in the electronic order, or possibly to put it more exactly and/or supplement it.

In the moment when the information to put the electronic order more exactly and/or supplement it is submitted to Seller, the electronic order isdeemed complete. 

Article 3 Price Terms

Purchase price for products offered by Seller via moneta.sk is always specified next to the selected products. The purchase price is always stated including VAT unless specified other wise.

Seller reserves the right to unilaterally adjust (increase/decrease)prices of products stated on moneta.sk, and new prices of products are validfor the Buyer since the date of posting on moneta.sk.

However, such price adjustment does not apply to products that have already been ordered by Buyer. In the event that a price appears next to a product on moneta.sk, whichis obviously wrong, e.g. if it is a product which is commonly available and generally known, andits price differs from common prices, or “0.00 €¨ or “1.00 €¨ priceappears next to a product due to a system failure,

Seller is not obliged to deliver the product for the wrong price but hecan offer to Buyer the delivery of the product for regular price.However, if Buyer does not agree with theregular price in such event, he/she can back off from the Purchase Contract.

For customers who order products via e-shop in the value up to 16.60 € excluding VAT, the price for postage and packing is up to 3.00 €. For products over 16.60 € excludingVAT, the postage is covered by Seller.

Article 4 Terms of Payment

Payments are made in EUR and the price for products may be paid by the Buyer by cash on delivery via mail-order Ten Expres or via Slovak Post. For permanent customers we can makeinvoices with 14 day due date.

Article 5 Delivery Terms

Delivery of electronically ordered products will be dispatched based on availability of the products and working conditions of Seller within the shortest possible term, not later than 3 business days from the date of confirming the acceptance of the Buyer’s electronic order by the Seller, to the delivery place stated in the electronic order

Buyer is informed about the expedition of the product via e-mail or bytelephone. The status of the electronic order can bechecked by the Buyer when signed in the system. Also, Buyer is notified on the status of theelectronic order by e-mail.

The products are supplied through courier service to the delivery address specified by the Buyer in the electronic order. The courier service will contact the Buyer prior to delivering the products to Buyer, making a binding agreement on exact time ofthe product delivery to Buyer.

In the event that Buyer is not present at the delivery place at the binding time agreed with the courier service, and has not authorized an other person to accept the products, Buyer is responsible for the damage incurred toSeller and/or the courier service as a result of failure to deliver theproducts to Buyer. Costsfor repeated delivery of the products to Buyer are covered by the Buyer.

The proprietary right to the products is transferred to Buyer by the product acceptance and payment of the purchase price. When accepting the products, Buyer is obliged to check whether the product packaging is not damaged, and to sign a document on the delivery acceptance. In the event of damage to the product it is necessary to write a protocol with the transporter (courier service) at the product delivery place about detectedd efects originated during the transportation.

If Buyer accepts the product despite of obvious damage to the packing,Seller will not acknowledge possible later complaints for this reason.Only a shipment that is sealed withprotective tape from the Seller is considered undamaged, unopened and original.The carrier is obliged to submit theproducts to Buyer item by item and to write a record at the spot. The carrieris responsible for damages incurred this way.

Seller will supply products exclusively in the territory of the SlovakRepublic.

Product delivery to the member states of the European Union or to other countries is made based on prior consent and mutual written agreement on price for postage and packing, as well as other possible delivery terms between Buyer and Seller.

Article 6 Warranty Conditions and Warranty Period

Buyer gets 24 months warranty period for the supplied products. The warranty period starts on the day of product handover to Buyer.

Foreach product purchased from Seller, Buyer gets invoice and dispatch note with the delivery (document of the product purchase) which constitutes the warranty document at the same time.

When submitting a complaint, Buyer is obliged to deliver theproducts under complaint to the Seller’s registered office address, clean, with no mechanical impairment, and in original packaging including requireddocuments.

Thewarranty period is 24 months for all products unless specified other wise. The warranty only applies for faults in manufacturing.
The warranty does not applyfor:

a) faults incurred by common wear
b) faults incurred by improper use of theproduct
c) faults incurred by improper storage

Article 7 Personal Information

Moneta SK s.r.o. under takes to fully respect the confidential nature of your personal information. All important data will be secured against unauthorized access andabuse.