SKIPPY - children insoles


The orthopedic childs insole safeguard comfort your baby. Is made from 100% cotton is designated for every day wear also barefoot.



The orthopedic, anatomically shaped insole for healthy feet evolution of your child, designated for long-lige using.



High hygienic, natural insole from coconut fibre, designed for more using shoes of your child.



Aromatic childs insole with anti-odour effect for all-day wearing, designated for your child.



Aromatic insole from 100% lamb wool for medium low temperatures, for cold days.



The deluxe orthopedic childs insole made of real lamb skin, ensures all day comfort of feet your children.



The universal childs airy insole, made of non-woven PES/PP textile, for all year season.


Thermo Alu

Children insole with aluminium cold protection.


„Big steps for little feet.“

Even so children can describe the removable in-solesof shoes, respectively insoles from Moneta.Young children discover the world. The position of the foot, walking and jogging on it certainly are. This desire for movement must be encouraged to beinquisitive children develop optimally.
One of the conditions of protection and ensure theproper development of the musculoskeletal system in children is the right relasting and the associated use of appropriate insole.
Each baby shoes (especially closed) should befitted insoles colloquially speaking, or liner of natural material. Skippy insoles also perform support functions forproper shaping of transverse and longitudinal arch of the foot and to preven thealth problems caused by flat feet.
The feet of children should always breathe, just because there are many glands, which motion activated.

None of this, we don´t forget - have a great penetration and absorption characteristics thanks to the kid foot is still dry,fresh and fragrant.
Children's insoles are also flexible and canabsorb sudden shocks to the feet when walking hard surfaces. Children's feet sweat more physiologically thanadult feet, the largest source of moisture represents the surfaces of the feet.
Therefore, should any children's shoes (especiallyclosed) in the inner part of the wear fitted insoles, respectively. insertion of absorbent liner of natural material.
Insole, respectively. insertalso performs administrative support functions for forming the lateral and longitudal arch of the foot and thus prevents health problems caused by flat feet. Proper pad also works as an insulating layer against cold feeling feet.